enterprise managers, ehs management system internal auditors, personnel involved in ehs system management within the organization, persons interested in learning and understanding the systematic management of ehs, etc.

  training benefits   

1.through rigorous training, in the memory ability, understanding ability and application ability to facilitate the students to apply standards in the future to engage in audits, consulting and system to establish operational improvement and lay a solid foundation;

a) memory: remember the prison-proficient memory iso14001 standard framework and articles.

b) understanding comprehension: understand well—through teaching by a prominent expert to enable students to understand standards and master audit skills.

c) application capabilities: apply - understand and understand the standards through a large number of case studies.

d) ability to take exams: can pass - through memory training, teacher's superb lectures and meticulous exam coaching, so that students can pass the exam with ease and obtain a certificate of training.

2. through the education in the training process, students can establish correct professional ethics;

  training fee  

1180/person (including training fee, data fee, teaching material fee, certificate fee, lunch fee, refreshments)

 days of training   

2 days

  training content  

   the first day

iso14001 background and function

iso14001:2015 environmental management system standard requirements

identification and evaluation of environmental factors

 environmental considerations

environmental factors evaluation

indirect environmental factor identification and assessment

environmental factor scoring standards

iso14001: 2015 environmental management system audit

  return course details  

   the second day

internal auditor requirements

the role and effectiveness of internal auditors

internal auditor's choice and ability requirements

internal audit stage:

the activity during the audit start-up phase

preparation for on-site audit

on-site auditing skills implementation guidance

compiling, approving and distributing the audit report and the end of the audit

does not meet the missing tracking verification and all essential items

iso14001 checklist and corrective measures, management review, non-compliance report, preparation of audit report

laws, regulations and other requirements of environmental protection (national, local)

case studies and exercises