automotive production, manufacturing and related industry personnel; quality system internal auditors, senior management personnel implementing quality systems; all those who wish to perform internal audits in the automotive industry according to iatf16949:2016; all those who want to know about the iatf16949:2016 standard and obtain its qualification as an internal auditor.

  training benefits   

1. help customers to effectively and quickly learn iatf16949:2016 standard knowledge, master the new version of the standard transfer requirements and audit skills, become competent iatf16949 internal auditors;

2. improve business efficiency;

3. it is beneficial to all employees of the company to focus on the customer and meet the customer's requirement of quality consciousness;

4. continuously improve customer satisfaction with the products and services provided by the company;

5, help companies establish self-inspection and self-improvement management mechanisms to identify problems and seek improvements

6, to promote enterprises to fully identify and implement the product-related laws and regulations, so as to ensure that the product meets the corresponding requirements;

  training fee  

2080/person (including training fee, data fee, teaching material fee, certificate fee, lunch fee, refreshments)

 days of training   

2 days

  training content  

   the first day

iatf16949: the planning and official release date of the 2016 new standard;

      iatf16949: relationship between 2016 and iso14001, ohsas18001 and advanced enterprise management experience

      quality-centered tms definition, principles and practice

      process methodology

      how to use and compile a turtle map

      iatf16949: 2016 new standard structure;

      iatf16949: 2016 new standard analysis;

      iatf16949: conversion of the new 2016 standard;

      iatf16949: three processes for identifying new standards in 2016 (cop, sp, mp) and concepts for specific process development

iatf16949: 2016 technical specification terms explained

      qms simplification and precise refinement of tms

      management innovation iatf16949 quality policy and target system

      real-time file control and system processing

  return course details  

   the second day

aiag reference manual (ppap, spc, msa, apqp, fmea) overview

obtained iatf automotive industry certification document requirements

problems to consider when upgrading or converting from other management systems to iatf 16949

how iatf applies to supplier development and monitoring

the definition, classification of the audit and its application in the system

learn how to design and use checklists

how to use the process method for review

overall understanding and review of business planning and management review

non-conformity identification and clause judgment

use of "report of failure corrective action"

the role of managers in the review and supervision of the entire quality system

auditor's behavior and role, and how to improve the art of questioning

using review skills for case analysis

internal auditor examination