managers, supervisors, engineers of quality department, engineering department, equipment department, production department and other manufacturing department; non-manufacturing department managers, supervisors, etc.; personals who are responsible for reform and innovation project.

  training benefits help trainees fully and systematically master the essence of 6s management implementation and system methods;

2. trainees can learn from the experience of japanese and taiwanese-funded enterprises successfully and learn from toyota 6s enterprise implementation cases of the benchmark company; thus, they can create profits for the company;

3. to help enterprises overcome various resistances in the implementation process and ensure that the 6s system is better and faster in the company;

4. trainees master the 6s management implementation tools, inspection and assessment standards, and division of responsibility areas, which is conducive to immediate learning and practical use.

5. create a workplace environment that is easy for the company to work on, and improve quality and shorten schedules by reducing defects and reducing redo.

6. it is conducive to the elimination of all waste, losses, failures, =accidents, complaints, defects and unscrupulous operations, so as to achieve reductions in the library and cost improvements;

7. to help companies connect the various projects to improve the value of the flow, eliminate all nodes, to achieve direct contact with the departments, so as to achieve all the smooth.

  training fee  

1800/person (including training fee, data fee, teaching material fee, certificate fee, lunch fee, refreshments)

 days of training   

2 days

  training content  

   the first day

part 01: why does the factory promote and continuously improve 6s management activities?

1.6s activities are the foundation of corporate management;

2. the purpose and significance of implementing 6s management;

3. the relationship between 6s management system and the operation of other systems;

4. cases.

part 02: what are the difficulties in 6s combat and how to deal with them?

1. analysis and coping strategies of 6s cognitive mistakes of all corporate members

2. group discussion: why do some companies have a tight situation, two loose, three cross-platform, four-fold bad status?

3. why do corporate employees boycott 6s improvement activities?

4, sharing: how to change "nail households" for 6s activists

5. how to do 6s advocacy, education and training?

6. what is the organizational model of 6s promotion?

7. cases


part 03: actual combat and case analysis of the 6s advancing process

1. focus on consolidation and analysis of cases

2. rectification of promotion focus and case analysis

3. analysis of key points of clean-up and case analysis

4. key points and case analysis of clean promotion

5. key points and case analysis of literacy promotion

6. safety promotion keys and case analysis

  return course details  

   the second day

part 04: factory 6s implementation tools and practical cases

1. how to implement factory set management

2. how to implement visual management

3. how to implement the fixed-point shooting method?

part 05: how to implement 6s management system and continuous improvement

1.6s advance organization form

2. division of responsibilities in the promotion of 6s management

3.the five key factors for the successful implementation of 6s

4. discussion: in the 6s advancement, how to become passive? how to turn resistance into motivation?

5.6s advancing work in the "model area" combat case sharing

6.6s overall push forward displacement map

7.actual case experience sharing

8. how to establish the 5s/6s inspection standards for the factory, workshop and office?

9. how to establish a 6s inspection team?

10. how to effectively organize inspections and scoring activities?

11. how to deal with controversial issues in the inspection and scoring process?

12. how to make the inspection result open and transparent?

13. inspection results and company performance appraisal

14, how to effectively organize 6s results conference?

part 06: a large number of excellent companies 6s results show, interactive courses, you ask me to answer

1. a large number of outstanding companies to promote 6s results show

2. difficulties in the process of 6s operation of the company

3.successful experience sharing