market challenge   

vendor inspections are surveillance activities carried out at supplier's premises. this service is particularly relevant in the oil & gas, petrochemical, power generation, pipelines, marine, mining, infrastructure, transportation & renewables industries where clients procurement departments may procure a considerable amount of items, with many different manufacturers around the world.

main benefits:

 ●  to identify and hedge against quality, operational, structural, security and ethical risks.

 ●  to verify that your supplier’s quality management system is suitable for your supply chain.

 ●  to get a full picture of your supplier’s sourcing and operational policies.

 ●  to ensure safe and ethical working conditions in your supply chain.

 ●  to comply with statutory requirements for structural safety, ethical compliance, quality management, environmental impact and security.

 ●  to protect your brand image and emphasize good corporate citizenship.

our services

our international vendor inspection team successfully provides our clients with third party vendor inspection services at vendor locations worldwide. our highly qualified and experienced inspectors can provide you with auditing and inspection services at vendor locations and onsite.

we offer comprehensive services to meet your diverse needs.

1、supplier technical assessment

before a vendor receives the initial purchase order, we conduct a vendor quality surveillance audit. this audit assures you that the vendor will comply with your purchase orders and specification requirements on time and to the highest standard.

2、supplier second-party audit 

our inspectors conduct second and third party inspections of mechanical parts, electrical components and commodities, according a clients detailed assignment and applying contractual specifications, codes and international standards.

3、design review

design review is to evaluate whether design meets quality requirements, identify problem and put forward a solution, and review the product design plan on reliability according to pre-determined design and review table.

 design review can find potential design defects timely, accelerate design maturity and reduce the risk of decision making.

4、inspection during manufacturing process

manufacturing process inspection includes raw material control, material traceability control, welding inspection, non-destructive testing, dimensional inspection, coating inspection, packaging inspection, etc.

 according to the customer's technical requirements, manufacturing standards, contracts, etc., the basis for mutual recognition, in a fair and professional third party status, we provide supervision and inspection services for users at the production site, ensure that the product is functional, reliable, and stable. 

5、expediting services

to be specific, expediting is to urge the supplier to provide technical documents and materials according to a time limit as specified in the procurement contract to meet requirements of construction design and site construction installation.

in addition, it also means urging the supplier to submit design basis materials and manufacturing drawings for design check. the key point of expediting is to find problems timely, take effective control and guarantee measures, and ensure the schedule as planned.

6、pre-shipping inspections

completion of pre-shipping inspections per customer requirements when operating on an expedited or final inspection assignment. 

why choose noa

1、leading local inspection agency

founded in 1999, noa is a well-known independent third-party inspection company in china.

2、qualified inspector per international standard 

we own a large team of professional engineers and inspection experts who are proficient in domestic and international standards and norms and are experienced in design, welding, non-destructive testing, painting and packaging.

3、experienced inspection body on industry equipment

noa have more than 10 years of experience in the domestic market and familiar with all aspects of the domestic supply chain of industrial equipment so that can provide you with localized technical support services in time.

4、china import and export commodity inspection and certification agency

noa has the qualifications of national import and export commodity inspection and appraisal institutions and the qualification of inspection and testing institutions. it is a high-tech enterprise in shanghai.

5、one-stop technical service

combining noa's various product inspection, certification, testing, consulting and auditing services, we can provide you with one-stop comprehensive services.

our clients

owners, operators, engineering companies, general contractors, manufacturers, suppliers, trading companies, etc. with quality assurance and quality control requirements for industrial products, equipment and materials in various industrial fields.

the main industrial product range:

- coal-fired power plants and power plant equipment

- electrical meters

- new energy plant and equipment

- mining equipment

- petroleum machinery

- metallurgical equipment

- chemical machinery

- cement equipment

- boiler and pressure equipment

- construction machinery

- metallic products

- port machinery

- steel bridge and steel structure

- rail