market challenge   

with the globalization and the formation of global sourcing and supply chains, it is very difficult and uneconomical for the owners to supervise and inspect the equipment and products produced by their suppliers.

in this case, it is a common practice in the industry to invite independent professional third-party inspection agencies to conduct quality control, so as to maximize customer satisfaction, guarantee quality and delivery time.

advantages of third party testing 

   quality assurance:         ensure that the supplier's goods meet the quality requirements stipulated by national laws and regulations or relevant national standards;     

   reduce risk:                       timely avoid delays in delivery and defects in products, and take emergency and remedial measures in the first place;

   savings:                                       reduce the high administrative and labor costs incurred for monitoring and testing products;

   best choice:                                           compare and select the best suppliers and get relevant information and advice;

shop inspection 

1. design review        

design review is to evaluate whether design meets quality requirements, identify problem and put forward a solution, and review the product design plan on reliability according to pre-determined design and review table.

  noa offers the following design review services:    

●  design review — review of drawing and calculation sheet conformity, including standard conformity inspection,structural strength inspection, technique and layout inspection, etc.;

●  independent design calculation — strength check, safety coefficient calculation, stress analysis, stress calculation,strain analysis, maximum loading capability analysis, etc.  

2、inspection during manufacturing process

1)document review and endorsement

before manufacturing starts, representing the owner to endorse, inspect, and initially approve technical documents related to products supplied by the supplier, so that the guiding documents used in parts manufacturing conform to requirements of the contract, standards, and specifications. 

   document review and endorsement

  ■  general drawing and detailed drawing with instructions;

  ■  technical specification for material procurement;

  ■  a production plan;

  ■  manufacturing process documents (e.g. heat treatment, machining, and test procedures);

  ■  special process documents (e.g. welding process specification, welders’ qualification, and welding manual for welding materials);

  ■  special test procedures (e.g. ndt, dimension and electrical test procedures);

  ■  supplier qualification certificate, procurement contract (sub-procurement contract), and material test report    (certificate)

2)holding a kick-off meeting

etting up check point, witness point, and hold point in the quality plan;

3)implementing inspection,

making patrol or unscheduled inspection on the production process;

making sampling inspection on main equipment, parts, or materials;

carrying out plant witness inspection and acceptance on key points。

   mainly including

  ■  equipment structural component inspection

  ■  welding quality inspection

  ■  nondestructive testing(ndt)

  ■  assembly and installation inspection

  ■  anti-corrosion coating inspection

  ■  special test procedures (e.g. ndt, dimension and electrical test procedures);

  ■  performance test supervision

  ■  final inspection before shipment

  ■  packaging, forwarding, and shipment inspection 

4)issue a non-conformity report

identifying and reminding any deviations in manufacturing, and issuing a non-conforming item report, and requiring the manufacturer takes a proper corrective action. the supplier is responsible for proposing rectification and replacement measures against all non-conforming items, and reporting a corresponding implementation report to both the customer and the inspection party for approval. 

5)schedule inspection

helping the supplier analyse existing and potential schedule delays. analysing key activities, warning it of correctness and reliability problems in the schedule plan at the right time, distinguishing and describing the nature of an event which affects delivery schedule and technical requirements, and inspecting whether all relevant documents and action plans have been offered to the manufacturer.  

why choose noa

1. leading local inspection agency

founded in 1999, noa is a well-known independent third-party inspection company in china.

2. qualified inspector per international standard 

we own a large team of professional engineers and inspection experts who are proficient in domestic and international standards and norms and are experienced in design, welding, non-destructive testing, painting and packaging.

3. experienced inspection body on industry equipment

noa have more than 10 years of experience in the domestic market and familiar with all aspects of the domestic supply chain of industrial equipment so that can provide you with localized technical support services in time.

4. china import and export commodity inspection and certification agency

noa has the qualifications of national import and export commodity inspection and appraisal institutions and the qualification of inspection and testing institutions. it is a high-tech enterprise in shanghai.

5. one-stop technical service

combining noa's various product inspection, certification, testing, consulting and auditing services, we can provide you with one-stop comprehensive services.

our clients

owners, operators, engineering companies, general contractors, manufacturers, suppliers, trading companies, etc. with quality assurance and quality control requirements for industrial products, equipment and materials in various industrial fields.

the main industrial product range:

- coal-fired power plants and power plant equipment

- electrical meters

- new energy plant and equipment

- mining equipment

- petroleum machinery

- metallurgical equipment

- chemical machinery

- cement equipment

- boiler and pressure equipment

- construction machinery

- metallic products

- port machinery

- steel bridge and steel structure

- rail