enterprise procurement and supply chain link is the key to business management and improvement of the enterprises’ quality and cost savings. if you want to effectively reduce business operating costs and improve economic efficiency, you must attach great importance to procurement management and enhance procurement expertise!

to help businesses maximize their benefits, noa academy specializes in procurement and logistics supply chain training, which includes 10 related courses and can be accessed by clicking the appropriate course.

●  "procurement management and professional skills improvement"

●  "supply chain inventory optimization and demand management"

●  "procurement system design and procurement management optimization"

●  "modern logistics technology and management practice"

●  "supply chain total cost analysis and control"

●  "three-dimensional storage management and modern logistics and distribution"

●  "international procurement management and risk aversion"

●  "necessary tax knowledge for supply chain and procurement management personnel"

●  "logistics industry development and logistics enterprise innovation"

●  "strategic procurement management and supply market development"