lean manufacturing is not only a kind of production, but also an idea and a kind of culture with the main objective of minimizing the resources occupied by enterprises and reducing the cost of enterprise management and operation. if you want to effectively and effectively achieve the ultimate goal of lean manufacturing "zero waste," you must attach great importance to enhance lean manufacturing expertise!

to help companies achieve the 12 principles of lean manufacturing and the ultimate goal of "zero waste," noa | noah academy specializes in lean manufacturing and manufacturing training. this type of training carries out 11 related courses, click on the corresponding course to enter the course details page.

●  "lean meets industry 4.0 - intelligent factory"

●  "lean tools featured: value stream analysis and rapid conversion"

 "6s lean safety and scene visual management"

●  "six sigma green belt training"

●  "practices of how to promote lean production management”

●  "team leader on-site management and improvement of technology"

●  "factory efficiency improvement and ie approach"

●  "problem analysis and resolution qc7 tools"

●  "modern enterprise security management"

●  "improvement of production flow and improvement of production efficiency"

●  "lean production practices and project introduction"