the customs union cu-tr certification is based on the agreement "common guidelines and rules on technical specifications of the republic of kazakhstan, the republic of belarus and the russian federation"signed by russia, belarus and kazakhstan on october 18, 2010. the customs union committee is committed to the development of uniform standards and requirements for product safety, thus form the cu-tr certification of the russian whitehall customs union. cu-tr replaces the gost and other security access certifications of the original member states. the unified mark is eac, so it is also called eac certification.

the customs union certification is the only proof that the product complies with the national technical regulations of the customs union. products entering the relevant countries within the scope of certification of the customs union will be forced to apply for cu-tr present, armenia and kyrgyzstan have also joined the customs union to implement uniform certification rules. this kind of certification is multi-national.

cu-tr certificates can be divided into two types of certificates according to the nature of the product, cu-tr certificate and cu-tr compliance statement:

1. cu-tr certificate: a certificate of conformity issued by a certification body that is uniformly registered and certified by the customs union. the cu-tr certificate is generally for products with higher safety requirements, and the conformity assessment process involves auditing the factory or sending samples.

 2. cu-tr declaration of conformity: on the basis of the participation of the customs union certification body, the applicant shall make a declaration of conformity on its products. generally targeted at low security risk products.

 does my product require certification?  

safety, emc, chemical and physical testing in most products such as electrical and electronic products, textiles, toys, food, industrial products, furniture, cosmetics, fuel equipment, etc. are within the scope of eac certification.

products that are not covered by the eac certification are required to apply for separate certifications within the union, such as gost-r (russian certification), fac (russian wireless certification), and energy efficiency certification in belarus.

how to get certification?

 step 1  application form

you will spend no more than 2 minutes to fill out a “certification application form”, which contains some information about your product, which is roughly the product name, introduction, model number and customs hs code. 

 step 2  certification scheme confirmation

the noa certified engineer will contact you and provide you with the lowest cost, most time-sensitive, and most compliant certification program for your declared product.

 step 3   certification process

the noa will begin a series of government communications, document inspections, and qualification reviews. if this process involves your cooperation, the noa certified engineer will not only inform you in advance in the previous step of the program confirmation, but will also guide you in the process and clearly tell you what you need to do.

 step 4  get certified

you will receive your certificate and receive an email notification from us before the pre-approved date.

noa has long been committed to serving the eurasian trade channel and is committed to solving obstacles in china-west asia-eastern europe service channels for chinese and european traders, brands and governments. noa has achieved a good corporate image and credibility of a third-party certification service provider in russia.

noa has always maintained a close strategic relationship with the russian-based eastern european certification field. from safety assessment to accessibility assessment, from general consumer goods to industry, agriculture, forestry, and fisheries, noa has established rapid and comprehensive mechanisms in china - russia, china - kazakhstan to serve the broad trade

 1、legal compliance 

the customs clearance certificate or other compulsory certification certificate will be subject to the examination of customs inspection by the exporting country and the importing country. the use of certificates such as illegal, forged, expired or illegal access methods will lead to the seizure, repatriation and even destruction of the batch of goods. its importers and exporters will face legal litigation and risk of entering long-term negative watch lists.

 2. service layout 

with long-term commitment in the field of certification and cooperation in customs union countries, noa has a wide range of qualifications and certification capabilities to provide comprehensive conformity assessment services to help customers address regulatory and compliance requirements across the supply chain. noa provides customs union cu-tr certificate, cu-tr declaration of conformity, customs union registration certificate, gost-r certificate, gost declaration of conformity certificate, customs exemption and other services for all categories of products ,at the same time, noa provides system certification, product certification, and other related services such as customs inspection, inspection and inspection of the customs alliance.

 3. time guarantee 

as a certification body that has long been engaged in china-russian economic and trade certification services, noa has established a solid channel in terms of process, communication and trust, ensuring the high-speed transmission of information and bilateral work efficiency, and ultimately ensuring good certification timeliness. according to different product certification rules, we will keep you informed of the progress of certification in the absence of other special circumstances, so that you can meet the challenges of booking, delivery, logistics and so on.