industry outlook

under two major ecological pressures of increasing consumption of fossil energy and deteriorating ecological environment, the world is looking for new energy alternatives. as a new type of energy source, solar energy is rapidly emerging as an effective method and means of developing solutions to the energy crisis because of its universality, non-pollution, cleanliness, durability and renewability.

at present, the application aspect of solar energy is very extensive. application in roof power plants, large solar power plants, or human daily life are all very popular. all aspects related to power system are likely to be combined with solar energy, especially in europe and the united states. the development trend of solar energy is very fast and noticeable.

   national policy

while the global photovoltaic industry is flourishing, our government has also actively encouraged and subsidized the photovoltaic industry. the administrative department of energy of our country conducted a scale guide in the form of a policy document on the future development of photovoltaic power generation industry. a series of related policy guidelines like the 13th five-year plan for solar energy development issued by the national energy administration, notice on implementation of distributed photovoltaic power subsidies in accordance with the policy and related issues issued by ministry of finance and precise poverty alleviation project will be the booster on the road of solar energy development.

   market demand

driven by policy incentives and interests, the market is showing a year-on-year increase in the global market. a lot of enterprises and developers are beginning to invest in the photovoltaic industry, however, blind investment cannot guarantee quality. therefore, the quality and safety, operation level, benefit and other problems need to be strictly checked to ensure that it can be stable and efficient operation in a long time. in this context, the value and significance of the professional and authoritative third party photovoltaic products and photovoltaic power plant detection technology service are particularly important.