iso 22000 food safety management system certification    

with the frequent occurrence of food safety accidents, food safety in china is facing severe challenges. every link of the entire supply chain from farmland to dining table is faced with the challenges of product safety, quality reliability and efficiency improvement. under the double strict supervision of laws and regulations and consumers, the quality and safety of food and agricultural products are receiving more and more attention.

the gb/t22000 standard of food safety management system is a preventive system based on the prerequisite program (prp) and the haccp plan. it is the most authoritative standard of food safety and quality management system in the world. iso22000, based on iso9000 quality management system structure, applies haccp principle to the whole system, takes food safety hazard analysis as the core, implements haccp plan and prerequisite plan and monitors the whole food supply chain to prevent food safety hazards and ensure food safety. as the first international quality standard in the food industry, iso22000 serves the entire food industry chain and is suitable for agricultural producers, feed producers, food producers, food wholesalers and retailers as well as food-related equipment manufacturers, packaging material manufacturers, agrochemicals and food additives manufacturers and logistics and catering service providers of this standard.

   the characteristics of the iso22000 standard

● iso22000 integrates the standards and technical regulations on food quality, health and safety adopted by all countries in the world to provide international standards for the food safety management system.

● iso22000 extends the scope of the food safety management system, and puts forward the food safety control requirements for the entire food chain, reflecting the new concept and new mode of food safety management from the farmland to the dining table.

● iso22000 establishes the role of haccp in the food safety management system, and puts forward the basic requirements to meet the prerequisite program and the way to control food safety hazards through the combination of operational prerequisite program and haccp plan control measures.

● iso22000 emphasizes the importance of mutual communication inside and outside of the organization for the management of food safety.

● iso22000 establishes a traceability system and a mechanism for the withdrawal of unsafe products, which fully embodies the management concept of modern food safety.

● iso22000 is based on the basic framework of iso 9000 standards and helps to integrate with other management standards.

noa can provide credible business chain certification of food safety from the beginning to the production and processing links and the trade, circulation, and consumption links of agricultural products to provide effective support and risk prevention services for the entire food supply chain.