iso 14001 environmental management system certification    

the iso 14000 series of standards is the standard environmental management system developed by the international organization for standardization. it is also formulated for major environmental problems that threaten the future of human survival and the development like increasingly serious global environmental pollution and ecological destruction, the destruction of the ozone layer, the global warming, the gradual disappearance of the biodiversity and other problems, for complying with international environmental protection requirements and the demand of the development of international economy and trade. iso 14001 environmental management system standard specifies the requirements for environmental management system, so that an organization can formulate and implement environmental policies and objectives according to laws, regulations and other requirements that it should comply with, as well as information about important environmental factors. iso 14001 environmental management system is applicable to environmental management of any local and any type of organization.

iso 14001 environmental management system standard is an effective tool to create green enterprises, and it is an international standard. moreover, it can effectively promote environmental management and sustainable development of enterprises through standard certification.

iso 14001 environmental management system standard is a standard applicable to any organization. due to differences in specific circumstances among industries and organizations, many organizations fail to understand this characteristic of standards.. the broad applicability of the standard reflects that the standard is a basic standard and a management framework. each organization must first understand the essence of the standard, and then implement the standard on this basis. 

iso 14001 environmental management system standard is ultimately a set of management standards. it is the crystallization of experience in environmental management in industrially advanced countries. in the process of formulating national standards, it has also considered the situation in different countries and made the standards as common as possible.

the positive influence of the iso 14001 environmental management system standard on the enterprise is mainly reflected in the following aspects: 

● set up the image of the enterprise and improve the reputation of the enterprise

● encourage enterprises to consciously abide by environmental laws and regulations

● encourage enterprises to consider their impact on the environmental and reduce environmental load in their production, operation, service and other activities

● enable enterprises to get "green pass" to enter the international market

● enhance the environmental awareness of the employees

● encourage enterprises to save energy, regenerate and use waste, and reduce operating costs

● promote enterprises to strengthen environmental management