in recent years, faced with rising global environmental issues and growing energy demand, the development and utilization of solar energy has become an important strategic decision in the sustainable development in many countries of the world. however, in the past, the quality of photovoltaic power plants have been criticized in the industry; serious quality issues of photovoltaic power plants have been emerging one after another: poor product quality, lack of standards, rough design, construction quality problems, etc., which sounded the alarm for the photovoltaic industry. it is imminent to solve the quality issues of photovoltaic power plants.

according to the presentation of the head of new energy technology department of shanghai noa testing and certification group co., ltd (noa), a professional photovoltaic testing and certification body: the quality hazards for photovoltaic power plant may occur in every key link during the development, construction, operation and maintenance phase of power plants, the control of a single and isolated link is difficult to completely eliminate the hidden quality hazards.
to help developers improve the quality of photovoltaic power plants and ensure investment rewards, noa can provide customers with quality assurance services within photovoltaic power plant’s life cycle.

the design life of a pv plant is 25 years, but this does not mean that maintenance of a pv plant is not required after its finished construction. any electrical equipment need to be maintained on schedule, photovoltaic power plants are no exception. photovoltaic power plants have a higher demand in the project development, design, procurement, construction, operation and maintenance. in fact, due to the exposure of photovoltaic power plants in the open air environment, the natural environment factors will have a greater impact on the quality of photovoltaic power plants. many photovoltaic power plants will have some problems after a period of operation: component split, snail pattern, component damage, low string output voltage, the burning of surge protector or fuse, the fuse box fire, the malfunction of inverter, cable break, surface block, low system output power etc... therefore, the daily maintenance of photovoltaic power plants is necessary, which directly impacts the life of photovoltaic power plants and power generation efficiency. in the entire life cycle of the pv power plant, the key risk should have been controlled so as to reduce the cost of electricity and improve the return on investment.

it is well-known that noa is an independent, impartial and professional organization approved by cnca to conduct photovoltaic product testing and certification and is equipped with advanced testing instruments and high-quality professional technical team. the reason that many photovoltaic enterprises choose noa is not only noa can issue certificates to them so as to improve their business competitiveness; more importantly, but also noa strictly conduct iec 62446-2016: 1, cnca / cts0016-2015 and other standards as well as provide third-party testing, equipment manufacturing supervision and acceptance, power plant assessment and due diligence services to the photovoltaic power plant investors, epc and power station buyers so as to provide a strong technical support for the long-term stable operation of the power station according to the requirements of the owner’s procurement contracts, technical specifications, related key equipment standards, sampling standards and so on.