with the increase of public consumers’ living level and awakening consciousness of health and hygiene, more and more people love to purchase organic products and organic products are getting more and more popular and appreciated in the food market. however, how do the consumers identify whether their purchased products are organic products? it is indeed a puzzling question to most of the public consumers.

today, we bring this question to the professional organic product certification body – shanghai noa test&certification group (referred as noa). the organization head presents that according to national standards and regulations for organic products, during the production process, organic products can only be called organic products by not using chemical synthesis of pesticides, fertilizers, growth regulators, feed additives, and genetic engineering organisms and their products. organic products include a wide range of categories: not only food, vegetables, dairy products, livestock and poultry products, aquatic products and other organic food, but also “non-food” e.g. cotton, linen, bamboo, clothing, cosmetics, feed (organic standards also include animal feed).

it is known that noa is a professional organization owing the certification qualification approved by cnca. the reason that many organic product enterprises choose noa organic product certification is not only noa can help clients expand business opportunities and build a good green environment-friendly image, more importantly, but also increase consumers’ trust on organic product and demonstrates enterprises’ environmental and social promises.

it is introduced that noa was established in 1999 and is one of the earliest organization to provide third-party inspection, testing and certification services. with a history of 17 years, noa actively fulfills its social responsibility and passes the trust to the community, but also wins the praise of our customers. noa devote itself to practice and explore in its special field, in aim to achieve excellence, to create better value for the customer and to transfer integrity, responsibility for the society. noa always follows its service concept, innovate service ideas. we provide accurate and over-valued services by adopting leading technology, to establish solid brand which would last for centuries.

it is known that noa’s organic product certification covers six categories: crop cultivation, edible fungus cultivation, wild plant collection, livestock breeding, aquaculture and organic processing, involving the grain, vegetables, edible fungi, fruit, flowers, spices, plant medicine, livestock, aquatic products, cereal products, fruit and vegetable products, meat and milk products, condiments, tea, coffee, wine, textiles and other products. from a vegetable, a cup of milk to a big farm, all of them can acquire authorized, credible and internationally recognized professional certification.

such a professional third-party service body can provide green, safe and reliable protection to our daily consumption and is worthy of long-lasting consumers’ trust.