——liu weijun, director of the certification supervision department of the state administration for market regulation visited noa group for research and guidance

on november 5, 2020, liu weijun, director of the certification supervision department of the state administration for market regulation, he xiaoqun, the second-level country inspector, and others visited noa testing & certification group to conduct research on the implementation of organic product certification and the development of private certification agencies, tao yonghua, deputy director of shanghai municipal market supervision administration, and liu chunyang, director of the certification department, accompanied the investigation. noa testing and certification group (hereinafter referred to as " noa group") president song tao, vice president kan qiangsheng and other group executives received the arrival of the research team.


at the meeting, director liu weijun and his entourage listened to the detailed work report of noa group song tao's president and the organization's next development plan. noa group vice president kan qiangsheng and relevant department heads respectively reported to noa group’s business development of each department and the bottlenecks and difficulties encountered in the current development.


director liu weijun fully affirmed noa group’s achievements from the seven aspects of "development potential, development scale, service capabilities, team size, international business, qualification capabilities, core values, and future vision", and gave noa group is full of confidence in the future development, especially the core values of "responsibility, mission, and responsibility" of noa group, which fully reflects the attributes and development direction of the certification industry.


director liu weijun pointed out that the essential attribute of quality certification in our country is to transmit trust and service development, and the validity of certification is the life of the certification system. at present, my country's economy has entered a stage of high-quality development from the rapid development stage. certification has become an important means to promote the modernization of the national governance system and governance capabilities. the certification industry has a heavy responsibility and a glorious mission.


director liu weijun requested that the current core work of certification agencies is to improve the supply level. 

improve the system construction of the certification industry and the establishment of certification brand institutions. as the competent authority and service agency to promote the construction of the quality system, the state administration for market regulation will play its role in comprehensive market supervision, consolidate and deepen the results of special rectification of the certification market, cultivate and strengthen the certification industry, enhance certification service capabilities, and strive to create an internationally influential china certification brand agency.

improve the top-level design of construction certification management. on the one hand, we should strengthen and standardize the supply quality of the certification industry, continuously improve the comprehensive service capabilities of the certification industry, launch certification projects that meet social needs, improve the level of quality certification supply, and meet the growing needs of society; on the other hand, we should provide high-quality certification , to promote quality upgrades in various industries, and allow certification service agencies to contribute to high-quality development.

comprehensively enhance the credibility and effectiveness of certification work. strengthen certification supervision, standardize the certification market order, improve the competence of certification personnel, establish a certification industry integrity system, extensively carry out quality management system upgrade actions, enhance the credibility and effectiveness of the certification industry, and ensure the continuous, rapid and healthy development of the certification industry.

director liu weijun emphasized that quality certification, as an important part of market supervision, is highly valued by the party central committee and the state council. we should always keep in mind:

1. quality certification, great responsibility and glorious mission. we must implement the "opinions of the state council on strengthening the construction of quality certification system to promote total quality management", centering on the strategic positioning of national quality certification work, combining the company's own advantages and development characteristics, using international advanced quality management standards and methods, and making certification a "supply an important starting point for “side” and “decentralization, management and service”, promote products and services to the mid-to-high-end market, and truly realize the value of certification.

2. focus on the goal of "five modernizations" and comprehensively promote the construction of a quality certification system. the certification supervision department of the general administration of market supervision, in accordance with the deployment of the national market supervision working conference and the national certification and accreditation inspection and testing working conference, focuses on the goal orientation of "marketization, internationalization, specialization, intensification, and standardization" to comprehensively promote the construction of a quality certification system and focus on improve the credibility of quality certification work and the level of service supply.

3. adhere to the "four orientations".

1. keep in mind that both international standards and national standards are the basic standards required for market development. we should keep pace with the times, continue to launch certification projects that meet social needs, and comprehensively improve the level of quality certification supply.

2. problem-oriented. all links in the certification chain, including certification agencies, certified companies, and government regulatory agencies, will earnestly fulfill their respective responsibilities, actively accept social supervision, and work together to improve quality certification services.

3. goal orientation. the certification development goals must be consistent with the economic development goals. we require pragmatic and hard work to promote quality certification to truly play the role of "transmitting trust and serving development".

4. results-oriented. pass trust, serve the market, build quality certification and institutional quality brand, and make the value of quality certification work more prominent.


at the meeting, the second-level country inspector he xiaoqun put forward requirements for noa group 's product certification service development, pointing out that certification agencies should develop in the direction of diversified and comprehensive services, starting from customer needs, analyzing customer needs, designing products, and giving full play good to convey the role of trust and service development. tao yonghua, deputy director of shanghai municipal market supervision administration, has a detailed understanding of the difficulties encountered in institutional development during the epidemic and the implementation and implementation of relevant preferential support policies, and pointed out that the shanghai market supervision administration will base on the development needs of enterprises, and address the pain points of enterprises. difficult problems, solve the actual difficulties of the enterprise, continuously optimize the business environment, and start the certification "shanghai service" brand.