on june 21, 2018, the forest certification work seminar and academic seminar jointly sponsored by the national forestry and grassland bureau science and technology development center and nanjing forestry university was successfully held in nanjing. more than 300 people from forestry-related provincial offices, forestry research institutions, forest-related enterprises, and certification bodies attended the meeting.

the theme of the conference was “promoting forest certification and practicing green development”. all relevant units have reported on the latest progress and development of global forest certification, the construction and development achievements of china's forest certification system, and the relevant provincial departments have exchanged views on the development of forest certification and work achievements. during the period, 20 wood bamboo processing enterprises jointly launched an initiative as the first batch of forest certification pilot projects to actively carry out forest certification and promote the green development of forest products.

peng youdong, deputy director of the national forestry and grassland bureau, said that china is a big country in trade and processing of forest products, and carrying out forest certification is an important way to enhance the recognition, credibility and competitiveness of china's forest products in the international market. since the mutual recognition of the forest certification scheme (pefc) in february 2014, the china forest certification system (cfcs) has not only facilitated the sustainable management of forests in china, but also solved the local forest products “access issues” in the international market. products loaded with the cfcc/pefc certification mark can pass through all other pefc-approved markets in other countries, which will help them enhance their competitiveness in the international market.

extensive practice at home and abroad shows that forest certification as a source of raw materials "transportation certificate", quality control of "physical examination certificate", market economy "letter of credit" and "trade permit" for international trade, in transforming social development mode, upgrading traditional management mode, service supply side reform, guiding green consumption, standardizing business activities, improving product and service quality, and transforming and upgrading enterprises play an irreplaceable role in promoting.

as of april 2018, a total of 57 forest management units in china have passed cfcc/pefc forest management (fm) certification, with an area of 8.16 million hectares certified; and 316 forest enterprises have passed the forest product chain of custody certification, and certified products include pulp, paper products, furniture, musical instruments, wood products for construction, etc.

since 2001, through the establishment of certification system, sound certification standards, pilot demonstrations, deepening basic research, promoting certification practices, and cultivating certified product markets, china has established a national forest certification system that is in line with international standards and has established a unified national implementation forest certification system.

in 2014, china's forest certification system and pefc realized mutual recognition. through years of hard work, the certification field has gradually expanded from traditional forest management certification and chain of custody certification to non-wood forest product certification, bamboo forest management certification, carbon service/carbon neutral certification, plantation management certification, forest ecological environment service certification, production and management of rare and endangered species certification and other fields. among them, the certification of non-wood forest products is in an international leading position. in the next step, according to the needs of national forestry and grassland development, the scope of certification will continue to expand.

in april 2018, noa’cfcc-coc qualification was approved by the china national accreditation service for conformity assessment (cnas). in may 2018, noa was officially authorized by the pefc committee. following the approval of the china national certification and accreditation administration (cnca), noa as a localization certification body, has been dually recognized by cnas and asi, and can fully carry out forest certification business in china and provide high-quality joint certification services for fsc, cfcc and pefc chain of custody for forest products trade processing, paper making, packaging, printing and other enterprises.

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