at the beginning of all things, human production and life are inseparable from energy. in the 21st century, fossil energy is gradually depleting, with environmental issues highlighted, the world is seeking new energy alternatives.

among them, solar energy, as an inexhaustible source of renewable energy, has quickly become an effective solution to the energy crisis and environmental crisis.

in recent years, the photovoltaic market has been doubling year by year on a global scale.facing the ever-changing and challenging market environment, in order to ensure product quality to meet market demand and ensure the stable operation of photovoltaic systems, many professional and authoritative third-party photovoltaic products and photovoltaic power station testing technology services have emerged.

established in 1999, shanghai noa is an independent, impartial and professional comprehensive third-party service provider. as one of the earliest organisation in china for providing inspection, testing, and certification. noa has been approved by the cnca and obtained double accreditation from china cnas and american anab,

is a high-tech enterprise in shanghai.

noa new energy department has a leading inspection, testing capability, from the supervision and certification of photovoltaic products to the quality control of photovoltaic power plants throughout their life cycle. noa provides customers with complete and personalized solutions and is a reliable partner for the photovoltaic industry.

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noa can issue professional pv product test reports and issue industry-recognized product help you win the trust of financial institutions, governments, buyers and investors for product safety and quality and take the lead in the pv market and succeed!

locating, design, installation and acceptance check of pv power system, noa provides one-stop service throughout its life cycle. with professional technology, we strictly control every link that may affect the final power generation and ensure the quality, safety and operation of photovoltaic power plants.

during the development period of photovoltaic power plants, we can provide multi-faceted analysis, optimization and evaluation for the project, guide and help you with power station development.

during the construction period of the pv power plant, noa will control the quality and reduce the risks for you to ensure that the power plant can withstand the various challenges faced throughout the expected life cycle and obtain the maximum return on investment.

noa adheres strictly to the standard technical principles, and does a good job of product quality control, so that customers can purchase high-quality photovoltaic products and effectively reduce the operating costs and failure rates of photovoltaic power plants.

during the construction of the power station, noa identifies the safety and accident hazards of the pv system, guarantees the quality of the project, and carries out quality inspections.

as people pay more and more attention to the quality problems of photovoltaic power plants and the country’s assessment of the quality of photovoltaic power plants is becoming increasingly stringent. choosing noa as your partner will inevitably bring you a strong competitive advantage.

during the operation and maintenance period of the power station, as a third-party power plant operation service provider. noa truly understands the many conditions of power station operation from the perspective of specialization. noa monitors and manages the amount of power generated by the power station to bring the owner guarantee and benefits from the perspective of profitability.

noa always upholds the artisan mentality, think systematically about problems, analyses problems, and solves problems quickly. in the increasingly prosperous power station trading market, with our openness, fairness, and effectiveness. we solve your market's most concerns and increase the profits and confidence of investors, insurance companies, and operators. noa is the ideal azimuth technology partners, work with you to create a bright future!