in 2017, the transformation of new and old kinetic energy in china's industry showed initial results, industrial production exceeded expectations, industrial structure was optimized and upgraded, and corporate benefits improved significantly. looking forward to 2018, the global economy will continue to pick up. the transformation of new and old kinetic energy of china's industry will accelerate to the depth, the industrial economy will operate stably in a reasonable range, and the quality of industrial development will be steadily improved.

noa industrial services division is one of the group's five comprehensive business divisions. as the group's business grows, it is committed to becoming a professional and efficient service partner. in 2018, noa industrial services will work with you!

according to noa’s strategic development plan, noa industrial services division develops various industrial markets and provides various compliance inspection, supervision, auditing, product certification, technical services and training services to meet customer needs. with a highly technical and experienced sales and operations team, noa industrial services division has significant customer influence and visibility in the industrial services sector, broadening the group's product layout across the inspection and technical services sector.

  why is noa preferred?  

team witness

our team comes from all corners of the country, including senior engineers from the domestic and international industry giants' general contractor manufacturing industry, as well as senior managers and authorized inspectors from internationally renowned third-party inspection and testing institutions, they have many years of service and management concepts in the industrial field and practical experience in project management and engineering equipment supervision. they have participated in many inspection and supervision services for large-scale power, petroleum, petrochemical, transportation and other projects at home and abroad and also has unique insights and contributions in the field of technical service standards.

strength witness

we have served many chinese top 500 companies such as huaneng group, huadian group, dongfang electric group, shanghai electric group, harbin power group, china energy conservation, etc., and have provided professional technology and third-party services to many foreign customers such as abb, alstom, ge and siemens. with extensive engineering experience; we are able to provide a variety of professional technical personnel such as mechanical, electrical, welding, non-destructive testing, materials, heat treatment, project management, progress reminder, ehs health and safety on-site supervision, and have rich experience in quality assurance and quality control. noa has won high praise from domestic and foreign customers.

one-stop service experience

our services cover most areas of industrial customers. from the project establishment stage to the project implementation stage to the project decommissioning stage, we have the corresponding personnel to help you provide professional technical consultation, control the quality bottom line, and improve the project return rate, reduce investment risks. from design technical review to safety risk assessment, from procurement quality control to on-site installation supervision, from on-site construction project management to critical equipment authorization inspection, our comprehensive service will definitely help you control risks, ensure the quality and safety of equipment property, and enhance your company's brand awareness;


 import and export overseas technical services

noa industrial services not only provides a full range of technical services to customers in china, but also for international companies such as europe and the united states, as well as chinese companies along the belt and road. which are based on our overseas team, can also be customized according to customer needs. inspection, testing and certification services, especially on-site service and authorization inspection, to help understand the laws and regulations of local countries, provide technical services such as installation and commissioning of equipment and facilities, we can use our overseas institutions in europe and america to provide directions to customers. satisfactory full-process technical service.


based on our overseas team, we can also provide customized inspection, testing and certification services, especially on-site service and authorization inspection, to help understand the laws and regulations of local countries, and provide technical services such as installation and commissioning of equipment and facilities. we can use our overseas offices in europe and america to provide customers with satisfactory full-process technical services.


 industrial services target market and customers

l  electricity (wind power, conventional electricity, nuclear power, transmission and distribution)

l  oil and gas (upstream exploration and development, long-distance pipeline, downstream refining)

l  process industry (mine, metallurgy, port, pharmaceutical, engineering machinery)

l  transportation logistics (railway, urban rail, car, container)

l  general manufacturing (boiler pressure vessels, pump and valve piping, electromechanical, steel construction)

l  engineering and infrastructure (ports, bridges, tunnels, airports, real estate)

l  industrial and civil facilities (factory, warehousing, stores, chain stores)


 our client

l  owners, operators, buyers in the industrial sector

l  engineering company and design institute engaged in large and medium-sized project management

l  contractor engaged in project general contracting

l  manufacturer of industrial complete sets of equipment and general mechanical equipment

l   suppliers at all levels of the manufacturing supply chain

l  engaged in import and export trading company


 our service

l  project management and service

l   supplier technical assessment and supply chain two-party audit

l    manufacturing process inspection and supervision

l   fire safety inspection and assessment

l    electrical safety inspection and evaluation

l  electrical and mechanical debugging

l    building safety testing and evaluation

l    special equipment inspection and evaluation

l    safety assessment and risk management

l   asset integrity management

l   environmental compliance review and assessment

l    energy audit and assessment

l   authorized inspection and certification - ce eu pressure equipment directive ped/tped

l   functional safety sil certification

l   authorized inspection and certification - mechanical, low voltage and electromagnetic compatibility ce directives

l   authorized inspection and certification - ce explosion protection directive (94/9/ec)

l   authorized inspection certification - ce elevator instruction (95/16/ec)

l   ce steel structure and building materials certification

l    asme authorized certification and inspection

l   pressure equipment export authorization inspection

l   technical advice and training