on september 20, 2017, cnca held the “2017 national organic product certification demonstration creation work conference” in nanning, guangxi. representatives from local provinces and municipalities, certification institutes, organic product certification demonstration and creation zones attended the meeting.

at the meeting, cnca notified the establishment of organic product certification demonstration, the development of organic products and the special supervision and inspection of food and agricultural product certification, and invited local representatives from sichuan, xinjiang and other local bureaus as well as representatives from demonstration areas such as jiangxi wanzhai to share their creation experience.

cnca liu weijun fully affirmed the establishment of organic product certification demonstration work, combined with the 2017 central “no. 1 document” and “guidelines for the implementation of the quality action plan by the central committee of the communist party of china and the state council” (zhongfa [2017] no. 24), analyzed the current organic industrial policy advantage, pointed out the problems in the development of organic industry and the creation of demonstration zones, and puts forward four requirements for the next step of the establishment of organic product certification demonstration:

first, problem-oriented, deepen institutional reform

second, demand-oriented, optimize service supply;

third, result-oriented, strengthen public trust and gain social recognition;

fourth, take the joint force as the guide and promote social governance.

▆ noa | group has obtained a full range of food certification service qualifications

noa | group will be in close contact with government departments at all levels and various food and agricultural products enterprises. with excellent professional skills and a high sense of service, we will cooperate with governments at all levels to create organic product certification demonstration zones and develop organic industries, to contribute to the local economy, to help the precise poverty alleviation, and to build an ecological civilization.

to date, noa-noah group has the following food-related certifications:

organic product certification

l food safety management system (iso22000) certification

hazard analysis and critical control point (haccp) certification

l voluntary agricultural product certification (agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry, fisheries, chinese medicine, processed food, beverages and tobacco)

l hotel service certification (catering, accommodation)

noa has gradually realized diversified development in the field of food safety. noa | group will provide high-quality certification services for the majority of enterprises with more professional technical capabilities and extensive business resources to ensure food safety and achieve enterprise continue to develop.