【enterprise profile】by the end of 2016, with more and more enterprises have settled in the jinxiu shenjiang hh park, office atmosphere is getting intense. are they doing well right now? what is their settling feeling? how did they build their office environment? what is their development planning? with those questions, our editor entered in building 26 to visit our old pal—shanghai noa test&certification group co.,ltd headquarter.

as is known that noa group headquarter was wholly purchased and has settled in jinxiu shenjiang hh park building 26 for one and a half years. during this period, what this organization harvests is not only brand-new and comfortable office atmosphere but also high increase in its core business.

entering into noa group headquarter, the first impression is that bright as new. even though it has been settled for one and a half years, everything is clean, tidy and ordered. because of long-holding management principle “rigorous, norms and standards”, they can be consistent in their business running and internal organization’s management, like an excellent “virgo”. 

noa group: an all-around, professional, comprehensive inspection, test and certification body

noa test & certification(noa) ,which was found in 1999,is an independent, impartial and professional testing and certification body, noa is one of the earliest third-party inspection, testing and certification services providers in china.

from audit to certification, from verification to inspection, from training to management, from technical consultation to innovative solutions, noa makes long-term commitment to help customers to resolve increasing challenges from quality, health, safety, environment, resources, social responsibility and sustainable development.

noa group: transfer integrity, responsibility for the society and establish solid brand which would last for centuries

noa devote itself to practice and explore in its special field, in aim to achieve excellence, to create better value for the customer and to transfer integrity, responsibility for the society and establish solid brand which would last for centuries

the organization meets chinese enterprises’ needs for development, constantly update ideas, innovative services, use international leading professional techniques, global network and combine convenient local services to help many chinese brands in the domestic and international markets to seize the initiative as well as maintain a competitive advantage, meanwhile in close cooperation with all types of enterprises and professional organizations play a more important role on the road to the future success of chinese enterprises.

noa group: importance of qualified personnel, and strengthen internal management norms 

noa group attaches great importance to the construction of the contingent of personnel and pursues the continuous change. the "change is constant" is the motto of the organization. through the continuous change, the personnel team keeps on innovating and urges every member to take the initiative and consciously to find the gap and spontaneously improve themselves; through continuous change, noa ensures the provision of the best quality, accurate service, beyond the societal expectations. meanwhile, noa group’s internal management has also followed the norms and standards. it is not necessary to be found in the work, only to take a glimpse of the whole from the details of environmental hygiene: every corner of the group headquarters are well-organized. it is interesting to see the shoe shine everywhere which is the essential "artifact" to ensure cleaning office floors, but also to develop staff to form a good working habit; and each floor are set up a special president of the mailbox to facilitate the exchange and interaction between employees and senior management.

noa group headquarters is also very considerate in the division and design of functional areas: every corner highlights the humane care.

jinxiu shenjiang as the media platform motivates noa group’s development

why noa group chose jinxiu shenjiang - hh park as the new headquarter site also took a careful consideration. jinxiu shenjiang - hh park combines the integrated circuit as the core of the industrial chain agglomeration effect, and radiates to the relevant settled information technology, business services, financial innovation enterprises, forming a certain scale "innovation economy" industrial clusters. this agglomeration effect is highly recognized by the noa group. noa group’s mastered high-tech service model is particularly in line with the strategic layout requirements for the park’s entire industry chain, enhancing the overall quality of the park, which is called complementing each other.

after settled in jinxiu shenjiang hh park, noa group has deeply experienced the park's excellent hardware and software services. here, the organization can often exchange and learn on the platform with the surrounding companies. in the future, noa group is more willing to have the opportunity to participate more in the park's various cultural activities for the development of the park luster and to show its vitality.

jinxiu shenjiang-hh park has been striving for the target and hope to provide more services to company clients in the park through hand in hand of park’s working staff; also hope provided the company clients with more supporting services for bringing more convenience,  and contribute our own strength to help the development of companies.